What to Buy After the Holidays for the Best Deals

Forget Black Friday deals and sales – after the holidays is when you’re going to want to shop for the lowest prices. It’s tempting to buy items for yourself around the holiday season, but waiting out the frenzy could actually save you more money than you’d think. From winter clothes and holiday decorations to electronics and toys, here’s what you should plan to buy after the holidays for the best prices.

Holiday decorations

While you might plan to get all your holiday decorations in October or November, it’s smarter to stock up right after the holidays. Artificial trees, festive lights, ornaments, and more – are going to be marked down by about 50% and might even hit more than that off. That’s why it’s so important to plan ahead for the holidays and know what you need before the season starts. Stores know shoppers may be last minute with their holiday goods, and that they will pay full price in a pinch.

Winter attire

Even though we’re in the midst of the winter cold, the day after Christmas marks the beginning of spring for retailers. Meaning, stores will need to make room for their spring attire and start to reduce prices on winter merchandise to do so. While you might want to invest in a new coat or snow boots ahead of the colder months, it’s advised that you hold off until the holidays blow over.


In need of a new laptop, iPad, Kindle, or gaming console? Retailers typically enter what is known as the “open box season” for electronic goods after the holidays. All those gifted tech items that have been returned are leaving stores with a surplus of items they need to get rid of. This presents an opportunity for consumers to buy the items they’ve been waiting for at a lower price.


In December, kids are eager to put together their wish lists of the year’s most popular toys, but parents should ideally save some of the higher-priced items for after the holidays to get better deals if they can. This presents an opportunity to start teaching your children money management and shopping strategies early on. By enforcing smart shopping habits, you can show your family useful financial skills that can be used throughout their lives.

Travel fare

Travel enthusiasts know winter is the best time to book a low-priced vacation. Typically, consumers are strapped for cash after Christmas and aren’t thinking about financing their next trip yet. That’s why travel, hotel, and airline companies will have lower prices and great package deals right after the holidays. Plus, now’s a great time to stock up on items like luggage and travel accessories too.

The key takeaway here is that prices are typically based on demand. If you’re shopping for something when everyone else is, you can expect to pay full price. If you’re strategic and know what you’ll need in advance, it’s best to shop when others typically aren’t.

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