4 Tips to Keep Your Money Goals on Track this Year

Even if you feel you’re doing pretty well with your finances, you could probably stand to make a few changes to your financial habits. If you’d like to stay a little more on track with your money this year, here are a few things to consider …

Be cautious with credit: A credit card can be a valuable tool, but if it’s abused, it can quickly create a mountain of debt. Try to only use your credit card for purchases you will pay off each month. Credit cards can be a great way to improve a credit score, but always make sure you’re being careful when paying with plastic.

Be on the lookout for savings:  It doesn’t matter what you’re buying, you can probably find it cheaper somewhere else. Have you looked online? You’ll probably find exactly what you’re looking for on the internet, and usually for less. If you don’t feel like waiting for something to be shipped, see if the store will price match your online price. If shipping isn’t free – see if you can order online and ship to your local store to pick up, which is usually always free.

Stop forgetting to pay bills: Have you mapped out your monthly bills and their due dates? If you’re not a very organized person, it may be time to design an auto pay schedule that will keep you from missing any payments this year. Paying your bills on time is must if you want to keep your credit score up.

Embrace frugality: No matter how much money you make, you should always try to spend less than you want to. You’ll be glad you filled up that savings account when an emergency arises.

Article Source: John Pettit for CUInsight.com

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