4 Steps to Relieve Money Stress

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There’s a ton of reasons that a person can feel stressed about money – like being behind on bills or living paycheck to paycheck, and even if you are surviving just knowing that you owe money can cause you stress. It’s a situation that many people have found themselves in at one point or another, so even though you may feel alone in the moment – you certainly aren’t.  While you might not be able to make the problem go away immediately, you can at least control your response to it.

1. Change your language

This is more than just a cliché – choosing to speak positively about a situation can improve your outlook and make you feel empowered. Instead of saying “I want to save more” try saying “I will spend less.”

2. Stay in the present

Many people focus on the worst case when it comes to money, particularly if we are feeling overwhelmed or down. Try reminding yourself to take it one step at a time and not get upset over things that may or may not happen.

3. Take a mental break

When you feel yourself starting to feel stress – take a walk, play with your kids or pet, or watch your favorite TV show. A break allows you to regain composure and control.

4. Choose to build wealth

Make your focus on achieving financial freedom, it will give you more joy than any material object ever could. When you feel yourself wanting to make an impulse buy, think of all the choices you will be giving yourself down the road by saving 10% now.

Article Source: Wendy Bignon for CUInsight, https://www.cuinsight.com/4-steps-relieve-money-stress.html

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