5 Tips to Help Lower Your Grocery Bill

Food is probably your biggest expense aside from housing. After all, you have to eat. So is there any way you can really cut back on this category? The easy answer is to stop going out to eat and spend more time cooking at home, but what if you’ve already done that and still can’t afford to be spending what you’re spending on food? The answer lies in your grocery bill.

Just because you’re cooking your own food doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saving money. Groceries can cost a lot too, depending on where you live or which supermarket you shop at. However, if you become a smarter shopper, you can definitely find ways to lower your grocery bill without having to buy less. Here are five ways you can do just that:

Plan Out Your Week

Before you step foot into a grocery store, the most important thing to do is to plan out the week ahead. How many days will you be eating at home? How many meals do you plan to eat out? Do you need to bring lunch with you to work? Understanding your schedule for the days ahead will help you decide how much food you need to buy. If you buy too much, you’ll end up with waste. If you buy too little, you’ll probably order out and not save any money at all.

Make a Trip to Multiple Stores

Most people limit their grocery shopping to one store, but make the effort to hit multiple stores if you can find a little extra time in your week. Different stores have different sales, so you’ll end up saving more if you do some research and buy items where they’re cheaper. Many specialty or ethnic food markets will have items you can normally find at your grocery store for much less too. Lastly, if you have a farmer’s market in your town, it’s worth checking out when in season – as prices can be cheaper and the produce is fresher.

Buy Dry Products Online and in Bulk

Thanks to the age of the internet, you can now get almost anything online – including food. You might be able to use online services like FreshDirect or Amazon Fresh, which will deliver your groceries straight to your door. When it comes to dry products, like pasta and canned goods – it is often cheaper to order online. On sites like Amazon and Walmart, you can buy these in bulk at lower prices, especially if they’re on sale. And as a bonus, you don’t have to go to the store to lug them home. So stock up now!

Go for the Generic Brand

Name brand isn’t always better. In fact, most of the time it’s exactly the same as the generic brand. Many generic and name brand products are produced right in the same factory, it’s just that the packaging and stickers on them are different. Next time you’re shopping, reach for the store brand instead and see if you can really tell the difference. Sometimes you can, but other times you’ll find a new way to save.

Shop the Weekly Circular

Almost all supermarkets come out with a new circular every week with sales and deals. Many even post it on their website. Before you start shopping, make sure you look through it to see what you should be buying for the week. Many circulars also include coupons, which can give you even more additional savings.

Trying out these 5 tips by becoming a smarter grocery shopper, is sure to help you lower your grocery bill. Happy shopping and saving!

Article Source: Connie Mei for moneyning.com

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