5 Ways to Throw Away Your Money

1. Paying credit card interest.
Make a plan to pay off your credit cards as quickly as possible, then set up reminders to pay them in full each month.

2. Utility Waste.
There is a really good chance you are wasting your utilities, such as water and electricity. Here are some energy and water wasters to keep in mind:

  • Leaving devices plugged in. Even if a device is switched off it can sometimes still draw power.
  • Poor insulation will cost you more money to cool and heat your home.
  • Using old and outdated appliances.

3. Paying for things that are free.
Making coffee at home is a great way to save money. Here are some other things you can get for free:

  • Water. Carrying a reusable water bottle is way more cost effective than paying for bottled water. (Plus drinking more water is good for your health).
  • Borrowing books, movies, and magazines from the library.
  • Free meals – sign up for birthday coupons. What a great way to treat yourself on your birthday!
  • Entertainment. Many cities embrace farmer’s markets, free museum days, and community sports games.
  • Perks and benefits through your workplace. Find out from HR if there are various discounts available through the company or your selected health insurance plan (i.e.: gym membership reimbursement).

4. Living above your means.
This is easy. Live by this motto: Spend less than you make (or a lot less than you make).

5. Paying for a gym membership you rarely use.
Do you spend money each month to have a tag on your keys with the name of the gym you send money to? Exactly.

Here are some more affordable options:

  • Ditch the gym entirely and workout at home. There are a ton of home workouts for free on YouTube.
  • Go on hikes! If you can, this is a free and scenic option.
  • Find a drop in gym where you can pay by the day.

Article Source: Robbie Young for CUInsight.com


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