Small Business Spotlight: We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym in Waretown

We are pleased to present a blog post which features one of our current businesses, how they got started, and how First Financial has helped them grow their business. If this inspires you to want to expand your business goals or see how First Financial can assist you further, feel free to reach out to us. Keep reading to learn more about our featured Business of the Month, We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym in Waretown. 

Jeff Kachuba and Mary Topoleski: Owners of We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym

What made you open a kids’ gym? Jeff and Mary’s four year old, Nicholas, was diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) at age 2. Jeff and Mary were driving long distances to facilities with equipment designed specifically to help people with SPD. SPD is a condition where the brain has difficulty receiving and reacting to sensory information. Kids’ gyms with specialized equipment provide sensory integration therapy, which is the best form of treatment for SPD. There was a real need for this type of gym in Ocean County and Jeff and Mary stepped in to meet that need.

What do you like most about being in business? It is great to be able to provide a place for children to be themselves. Being a business owner is exciting and provides new and different challenges every day.

What do you like most about banking with First Financial?
The easy to use personalized service of the Business Development Department is great. Also the fact that they provided the loan to help open up the business was a plus!

A bit about the facility…
We Rock The Spectrum is a nationwide franchise with more than 50 locations. Jeff and Mary’s Waretown location is the third in New Jersey and the first in the Ocean County area.

We Rock The Spectrum Waretown is a 3,800 square foot facility containing a zip line, crash pit, a variety of swings, tunnels, trampoline, rotators, puzzles and more. The gym is for all children, but includes equipment to provide sensory integration therapy. The gym’s motto is “Finally, a place where you never have to say you’re sorry.”  It is completely okay for autistic children to act out at the gym, no apology necessary and no need for parents to feel awkward!

The facility offers a gathering room to host private birthday parties. Private class trips, special needs private class trips and open play class trips are also available at the gym.

To learn more about We Rock The Spectrum or to schedule a trip or event, give them a call at 609-622-8285, email or visit their website at  

Ready to grow your business? Call the Business Development Department at 732.312.1500, email or stop by any branch location. Learn more about our Business Account products and services on our website.

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