Small Business Spotlight: Capt’n Hippo in Toms River

We are pleased to present a blog post which features one of our current businesses, how they got started, and how First Financial has helped them grow their business. If this inspires you to want to expand your business goals or see how First Financial can assist you further, feel free to reach out to us. Keep reading to learn more about our featured Business of the Month, Capt’n Hippo Bait & Tackle in Toms River. 

Capt’n Hippo Bait & Tackle:

Fishing or crabbing? Get your fresh bait and gear at Capt’n Hippo Bait & Tackle in South Toms River, NJ. Owners Lenny and Sandy Hahn have over 20 years experience fishing the Toms River and surrounding waters. Capt’n Hippo is proud of their small size.  They have everything needed to get you started at a very reasonable price. In fact, there is nothing in the store that costs more than $100.00! Lenny and Sandy are local, genuine, knowledgeable, and love to help people just starting out.  

Owners: Lenny and Sandy Hahn

Years in Business: 8+

Previous Careers: Lenny was a Civil Engineer CAD Manager for 25+ years. When he was laid off he had the choice of either finding a new job or starting his own business. Lenny had always loved fishing, so a bait and tackle store was the perfect fit. Capt’n Hippo was born!

What do you love most about the business?

The customers!  Making new friends and seeing parents bringing children in to learn how to fish.

What has your biggest challenge been in business?

Getting people in the door and keeping operating costs down.

What do you like most about banking with First Financial?

Ease of use, and the people at First Financial are great!

What is your key to success?

Smiling! All of the shops have the same inventory on the shelves; it is the people behind the counter that make the difference.

You can find Capt’n Hippo Bait & Tackle at:

334 Atlantic City Blvd

Toms River NJ 08757

Phone: (732) 505-3500

Ready to grow your business? Call the Business Development Department at 732.312.1500, email or stop by any branch location. Learn more about our Business Account products and services on our website.

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