To Buy or Not to Buy in September

With the changing of the seasons comes an opportunity to save on certain items for your home and life. Here are a few things to purchase in September and others to skip now and buy later.

Items to get in September –

Mattresses: Labor Day was September 4th this year, and with it comes a wide variety of sales and discounts on name brand mattresses. Tempur-Pedic’s mega-sale offers discounts of up to $500 and Sleep Number’s sale includes popular styles up to 50% off. Treat yourself to a new mattress!

iPhones: The iPhone 8 arrives in September and that means older models will be sold at discounted prices. Hold off on purchasing the 8 model and save on the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, or previous iPhone generations. This is also a great time to purchase an iPhone for a loved one as massive discounts typically occur after the new generation debuts.

Planet tickets: It’s crazy to think that the holiday season is only a couple months away, but the reality is Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Look into travel options now before it’s too late and prices skyrocket. September is thought of as off-season due to the fact that it’s after summer and before the holidays. Check out Airfarewatchdog and have experts search and notify you on the best travel deals that are perfectly in line with your budget.

Bicycles: The best bike deals can be found in September. Retailers don’t want a store full of bikes just sitting around and taking up precious space, so they’ll slash prices to clear them out. It’s a great time to grab a bike as a gift – stash an early holiday present away – or upgrade your own ride for the coming spring. Just make sure you research your new ride, so you don’t buy a completely outdated model.

TVs: As the fall semester begins, college students in dorms or small apartments are probably looking for a decent-sized TV. September is traditionally a great month for deals on 32″ 1080p HDTVs. September is when these TVs are typically at the lowest prices of the year. These smaller screens are perfect for a dorm room or first apartment. But if you can’t find a low enough price on the TV you want, wait two months until Black Friday.

Items to skip in September –

Halloween costumes: Instead of buying too early and having to return it and pick up something different when it’s too late, hold off on getting that ghost get-up until October 1.

Winter wear: Sure, you’re seeing fall and winter apparel in stores now, but resist the temptation to snag that sweater. Retailers know consumers are ready for cooler weather and for that reason they markup items that are in high demand. Instead, wait until Black Friday or even later when the winter is in full swing to purchase cold weather gear.

Appliances: According to MoneyWatch, although late summer sales are enticing, hold off on big-ticket items like appliances until Black Friday. Customers will see items marked down as much as 75% off on the day after Thanksgiving so be patient and wait for big deals. Your bank account will thank you.

Article Sources:

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