Important Member Alert: Don’t Fall for EMV Email Scams

3d image Scam issues concept word cloud background

With the new, more fraud-resistant Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) chip in many credit cards, scammers are working a new angle to steal from consumers.

As consumers are anticipating the delivery of new debit and credit cards with the EMV chip, they are being targeted by scammers via emails that look like they are coming from their bank asking for updated personal financial information.

Bonnie Smyre, an Internet security expert explains, “These types of phishing emails have been around for a long time. You might remember the, ‘Hey I’m your long lost relative from a distant country and I left all of my money to you. I just need your banking account info’. Most people read those but said this looks fishy.”

Scammers saw an opportunity to freshen up this scam by contacting consumers about their new EMV chip credit card.

So now scammers are sending much more legitimate emails. It’s hard to tell that they’re fake. They often fake an email address so it looks like it’s from your bank. They use graphics from your bank. It looks very legit then they say, “You need to update your information. Your card is on the way, but before it can take effect – we need your personal and banking information to be updated,” added Ms. Smyre.

Don’t bite. Don’t reply to the email. Don’t click any links. It’s a new twist on an old scam meant to draw consumers in. If you get something like that and have questions about whether your bank or credit union is really trying to contact you, call the number on the back of your credit card or on your bank statement. If you have any questions about your First Financial accounts – please call 866.750.0100 or email

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Article Source: New Jersey Credit Union League, Daily Exchange Newsletter from 1.14.16

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