We Asked, You Answered! Financial Advice from Our Staff & Members

DSCN0229The Jackson Memorial High School Reality Fair on January 8th was a huge success! With over 200 students in attendance, we were able to help better educate them on the financial decisions that even adults continue to struggle with on a daily basis. Prior to the Reality Fair, we asked First Financial employees as well as our members – to answer the following question:

“What is the most useful piece of financial advice you’ve received over the years or learned from experience, that you would like to provide to today’s young adults, and why?”

And since we received so many wonderful financial tips across the board – we’d love to share the advice with our readers!

  1. “Save a percentage of what you earn – 10% is wise. If you start young, it will give you enough for your post-retirement years. If you do not get into this habit from a young age, you will not have enough. This is very important!” Laura Stone (*$50 Visa Gift Card Member Contest Winner)
  2. “Math is one of the most important things you will use in the business world when it comes to balancing a checkbook, your savings and checking accounts, and eventually when buying a home. When you get credit cards always pay attention to the APR. As long as you understand these few items – you’ll be okay!” – Tanya Copeland
  3. “Learn and be comfortable with math for business. Know your numbers!” – Sarah J. Moore
  4. “The most useful piece of financial advice I’ve learned over the years is to use credit cards sparingly, and when you do – try to pay the entire bill at once instead of letting it spread out over months. This will keep you out of debt and living within your means.” – Odelind Lewis
  5. “Avoid opening multiple credit cards simply because you are old enough to obtain them. Debt adds up very quickly!”  Lisa Weltner 
  6. “Learn early how to separate needs from wants. Keep this in mind when planning for the future. In the end it’s not about what you make, it’s about what you spend!” – Shannan McMillan
  7. “Don’t let the desire to have the newest and fanciest stuff get the better of you and cause you to make poor choices.” – Jeff Van Zilen
  8. “Spend your money on what you need, not what you want!” – Jay Arya
  9. “Remember what you have learned from the Reality Fair. Several years from now, your fellow students who did not get to participate will look back and wish they had more fully understood the impact of the decisions they’ve made; you will not. You have been given invaluable insight into your future, remember it as you make your way.” – Rich Stubbs, Jr. 
  10. “Make a budget and stick to it every month! It helps a lot!” – Laura Wagner
  11. “Set the age at which you want to retire and start planning for retirement the day you start your first job. Why? So you can actually retire at that age and live comfortably.” – Janice Anderson

Thank you to everyone who submitted their financial advice, which will continue to help educate the young adults of our surrounding Monmouth and Ocean County communities!


To view additional photos from the Jackson Memorial High School Reality Fair, visit our Facebook page.

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