Effective Webinar & Video Marketing for Business Seminar Summary

00_ENTRE_shutterstock_70581142_VideoMarketing_659px_0We recently had founder and owner of Coleman Communications, Cortland Coleman, present an informative seminar with an in-depth look into virtual world of marketing. Many business owners are looking for another outlet to promote and reach the community in order to gain new clients and leads, and videos are quickly becoming a “must” in today’s business market. Creating customized, unique videos is not only just a creative and appealing way to publicize your brand, but a great way to stand out against your competitors.

Check out some of the key points you might have missed from this seminar:

  • Why use video? It’s a personal, powerful and persuasive way to get your business noticed and in today’s society, people would rather press play than read!
  • Using videos and webinars you can out-position, out-perform, and out-rank your competition with video that matters. Remember to educate and inspire — 2 key elements when filming. It’s also crucial to include meta data, descriptions, tags, titles and keywords with your videos so you can be found using search engines and build your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Make sure you distribute and promote your video using YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. so you can get yourself out there to drive new prospects and deepen relationships with current clients utilizing the newest video platforms.
  • It’s crucial that you remain consistent with all your videos and follow other common businesses to network and gain ideas. It’s a good idea to use offers, discounts, and incentives within your videos to get people in your door.
  • For locational based businesses, online marketing must drive offline or in-store visits and sales in order to see a success in your tactics. You can measure ROI by closed deals, lead generation, and growing your list (emails, marketing lists, media relations & prospects).
  • Don’t know what to record? Well, start with yourself & your business, show why you help others, and what you do for the community and use enthusiasm!
  • You’ll also eventually want to film your clients and the community — testimonials are so powerful for your business and make a difference in driving traffic. Record your moments of success and brilliance including awards, recognitions, new products/services, milestones, etc. people love to hear positive, local news.
  • Wondering how to start recording? You can use devices such as HD cameras, smart phones, and webcams. YYou also want to make sure you alternate your recording devices so your videos do not have the same setting and backdrop every time. Keep in mind your website is your “hub” of your online video & marketing efforts, therefore make sure all videos are optimized and easily accessible.
  • Expand your sales & reach with webinars – they are a great way to invite people to learn about you and your business. Set aside time each month to create a regular schedule of webinars (be consistent and frequent) and build a list of people to invite to join. Don’t forget once your videos are complete to upload them to YouTube (#2 search engine — and it’s not even a search engine!), post to your site, and share to your social media pages.

Now that you have a good idea on how you can start getting “visual” for your business, it’s time to get out there and start filming!

Cortland Coleman – founder and owner of Coleman Communications – is the Jersey Shore’s Social Media Leader.  He began his public relations career in Arizona during the 90’s by running political campaigns.  When he and his wife had their son, he moved back to New Jersey to be near family, and continued his political public relations on the east coast.  Cortland decided to take his knowledge to the private sector and founded Coleman Communications, where he uses his expertise on reaching the public by helping companies with their marketing campaigns.  Coleman Communications helps businesses, non-profits, and government agencies with social media, search-engine optimization, and all electronic marketing to reach their consumer.

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