Give Your Home a “Green” Face-Lift

House and Recycle SymbolAre you ready for a change and looking to give your home a face-lift? Choose earth-friendly materials that double as safety precautions and save you money!

1. Cotton fiber insulation: Made from recycled blue-jean scraps; soft and safe to handle; 100% recyclable. Safety perks: Treated to resist fire; no formaldehyde or other chemical irritants; no itch.

2. Natural linoleum: Long lasting and recyclable; no glue required for click-in-place installation. Safety perks: Asthma- and allergy-friendly; dry- dusting prevents allergen accumulation.

3. Cool metal roofing: Saves up to 40% on cooling energy costs; lasts two to three times longer than conventional shingles. Safety perks: Resistant to hail, wind and fire.

4. Energy-efficient windows: Reduce heat loss and cooling costs. Energy Star windows lower energy bills 7-24%. Safety perks: Laminated glass reduces outside noise and stays in place if broken.

5. Mold-resistant wallboard: Gypsum wallboard with a moisture- resistant core reduces risk of mold and avoids wasteful replacement. Safety perks: Helps keep indoor air quality healthy.

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For more information and to see how Liberty Mutual Insurance can help you save, contact our Liberty Mutual representative Dan Ressegiue, or visit our webpage for additional details:

AgentDanielRessegiueDaniel Ressegiue

303 West Main Street | Suite 100
Freehold, NJ 07728
732-308-3868 Ext. 50950

Daniel graduated from The Pennsylvania State University majoring in Psychology and business and is currently finishing an MBA at Monmouth University. During his tenure at Liberty Mutual, he has been awarded many awards including National Rookie of the year special recognition, 5 Time “Pacesetter,” Pursuit of Excellence and is a Liberty Lamplighters Club inductee. During his spare time, he enjoys staying active playing soccer, racquetball and partaking in long distance running competitions.  He is also a member of Jersey Shore Runners Club, Penn State Alumni Association, as well as SCORE, a nonprofit entity dedicated to the mentoring of small business owners. *First Financial Federal Credit Union Client #38361

Article Source: Liberty Mutual Insurance

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