Pay Other People with Online Bill Pay


Did you know you can pay another person through First Financial’s Online Bill Pay service?  With Popmoney, it’s easy!  Plus, it’s fast and secure, and even allows you to interact socially with the recipient and pay them without having to deal with sending checks or cash.

How does it work? 

Simply login to your First Financial Online Banking Account, and then proceed to login to your Bill Pay Account.  If you do not have a First Financial Online Banking or Bill Pay Account, you will need to enroll before you can use Popmoney. Click here or call our Member Service Center at 732.312.1500 to enroll or if you have questions. *Please note that while Online Banking is free and you can enroll in Bill Pay separately, you must pay at least 3 bills per month using Bill Pay or a $6 monthly fee applies.

Once you are a Bill Pay user and you are logged into Bill Pay – click on the Popmoney tab at the top right.  You’ll see a section for Payment Information:


  • You will select the First Financial account you’d like the payment to be deducted from first, and then either an email address or mobile phone number of the individual you are paying.  You must enter either an email or mobile number, or this service will not work.
  • Then enter your payment amount and send date.
  • You can also make your payment a recurring one (say you want to pay monthly rent to your landlord on the 1st of every month), and one of the popular features of Popmoney – adding a note to your transaction.  On a regular check you might be able to write “Happy Birthday!” in the memo portion, but Popmoney’s personalized note feature allows the recipient to read the note like a social media comment, and then respond back and thank the sender if he or she wanted to.  The personalized notes allow the sender to choose a variety of categories for the purpose of the payment: allowance, entertainment, gifts, rent, travel, and so on.  Or – if the category you’d like isn’t listed, the program allows you to customize by adding your own.
  • Once you have entered all the payment details, you’ll be directed to another page to confirm and send your payment.

Easy enough, right?

How does the recipient know when they have a payment?

Now you know why you had to enter an email or mobile phone number – based on the method you entered, the recipient would receive either an email or text letting them know they have a payment from you (your first and last name are viewable by the recipient only – and your personal message if you left one), or vice versa if someone were sending you a payment.

If the recipient’s financial institution also offers the Popmoney service, they’ll be able to accept the payment upon logging into their Bill Pay and clicking on their Popmoney tab to direct the funds to their account.  If not, the recipient can provide their account information at and the funds will be sent to the account entered.  If account information is not provided, the payment will be returned to the sender.

The sender cannot see the recipient’s account information, and vice versa – the service is completely secure.  There are also several other frequently asked questions available within the Popmoney tab for further inquiries regarding the service.

Ready to get started?  Login to your First Financial Bill Pay Account today, or contact us to enroll!



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