Job Search Strategies Seminar Summary

job-wanted-sign-resized-600Recently we had SCORE join us for an informative and engaging seminar on job search strategies. Seminar attendees were provided with the current elements that are crucial in order to start a successful job search.

Some helpful information that was provided, included:

  • Focus on finding your strengths: Ask yourself – Who are you? What are your skills, training and work experience? How can you develop those traits into a positive image? The answers to these questions will help you define who you are when answering questions during an interview.
  • Elevator speech: Incorporating the strengths that you came up with, you need to create a 30 second speech that tells a short story about yourself. It’s great to use when you first meet someone outside the workforce – perhaps in an elevator? You can expand on your 30 second speech by another two minutes in order to answer the “Tell me a little bit about yourself” question that frequently pops up in interviews.
  • Addressing your weaknesses: A perceived weakness is the perfect time to sell yourself. This is where you need to provide the interviewer with a positive response. For example, a good response for “positive weakness” would be, “I have to work on having more patience and giving myself a break. There have been times where I take on too many tasks and then expect to have everything done at once, but I have learned to be more realistic in what can be accomplished given the time and resources available.”
  • Time management: Once you develop a plan, set aside a portion of each day to execute the plan. Don’t feel that you need to devote 12 hours plus each day job searching. A job search is always full of rejection and dashed expectations. By scheduling down time you can recuperate from these downers.
  • The “Tell-All” resume: This is the part where you sell yourself. Your resume is essentially your sales pitch to the company you’re applying to. You want to tell a story about your experience and history while keeping in mind that it needs to be concise and to the point. Employers typically only look at the first page of your resume, so putting the important information first and making sure the layout is neat and organized are going to be in your best interest.
  • The “Search”: Once you’ve decided what position you are looking for, begin to look for opportunities in that field. You can research online, in newspapers, the One Stop Center and dozens of other ways. However, networking is the most effective way to get leads and land the job you want. Just a hint, if you take the time to introduce yourself to someone in the industry you want to be in, ask for their help in a way that they will want to assist you. A great, FREE tool to use is LinkedIn, you can search for various companies, people who work in those companies and even apply to jobs – everything you need all on one site!
  • Use company and job websites: A lot of the time, companies will internally post any positions they have available on their corporate website. You can also try job websites like Indeed, Career Builder, Monster, Google, etc. Just be sure to look into the company your interested in to make sure it is not a scam.
  • Word of mouth = Networking: Make it a point to reach out to friends, neighbors and relatives to see if they have any job openings at the company they are currently employed at or if they know any contacts in the industry you’re looking to apply to. Sometimes the “It’s all about who you know” phrase is pleasantly true!

The bottom line is that you need to try harder in marketing yourself and remember there are no automatic opening doors to employment. You must make the effort to reach out and seize the handle.

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