Creative Business Strategies to Drive Summer Sales

Summer is certainly a time when people get out of the house, so owning a local business presents a chance to get them into your store. What’s more, our area tends to attract additional population during the warm parts of the year – so there is more business to be had! A good strategy could be the difference between attracting them to your space and watching them go to a competitor.

What are some effective ways to attract customers during the summer months?

If your business is in a strip mall, you might consider joining with your fellow tenants to host a summer block party – complete with games, prizes, coupons, and gift cards. Maybe a guest could win $5 off their next visit to your store in a spin-the-wheel game.

People are drawn to spectacle, and there are lots of low cost ways to create them. A well-planned spaghetti eating or hot dog eating contest can generate traffic via word of mouth, not to mention possible media coverage. This is a great fit for a restaurant, but it might work for other businesses as well.

Other businesses can come up with concepts that fit their particular specialty. A salon can generate attention by staging special makeover nights, while a printing company can offer free wedding invitations – something that is sure to find plenty of takers during the summer months.

Any special event that attracts an audience is also an opportunity to build your mailing or email list, or to find new Facebook fans and Twitter followers, so it’s important when people show up for an event to get their contact information. That might be accomplished through raffle entries, with a charitable component as a possible incentive for people to participate.

There are also usually plenty of events already being planned, such as city street fairs or Chamber of Commerce events where individuals can sign up and participate – often at less cost and with less preparation required than you would need to stage your own event. Within the context of these events, you can often do something creative that helps people to remember your business.

Summer brings the crowds to shopping districts, but it’s your creativity that will bring them through your door – and keep them coming back!

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