Advanced Facebook for Business Seminar Summary

_mg_1381-resized-600Recently, social media consultant Deborah Smith returned to First Financial for another spectacular social media seminar – Facebook for Business, Advanced Techniques. In this seminar, she discussed Facebook’s timeline, her favorite Facebook applications, Facebook advertising, and more.

For those who missed the seminar or those who attended and need a refresher, here are several important Facebook tips provided by Deborah:

  • The cover image is not a place to advertise. Refrain from using contact information and ‘calls to action’ on it.
  • Next to the ‘About’ section, you’ll notice images that may link to photos, likes, videos, and so on. You can and should, create your own custom images in this section to get your fans’ attention.
  • The ‘milestones’ feature allows users to feature notable company events. Some ideas for milestones include: launching a new product or service, company awards, and new staff hires.
  • Using applications is another great way to call attention to your fans. Some applications allow the design of custom tabs. One of Deborah’s favorites is ShortStack.
  • Within Facebook Advertising, you can create sponsored stories to generate interactions from fans.
  • Also within Facebook Advertising, it’s best not to use photos that look too polished.

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