10 Ways to Pamper Yourself on a Budget

In this guest post, Mary Harris – an Ocean County resident, co-owner of local natural products business Heaven & Earth LLC, professor at Monmouth University, and holistic nutrition student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, provides you with ways to pamper yourself on a budget.

She writes:
Believe it or not, money does not have to be an item of concern when it comes to pampering yourself. In fact, finding new ways to treat yourself right can be fun and rewarding and help reduce stress. You can even invite family and friends to take part in some of the pampering, if you want to. Here are my top ten tips for pampering yourself on a budget, with a healthy twist!

1. Enjoy a cup of hot tea– Tea is a worldly drink that, in my opinion, has the power to soothe the soul. Teas can be delicious and healthy to boot. Choose your flavor and style of tea (naturally decaffeinated, organic, loose, bagged, black, red, green), brew it in a tea kettle, pour it in a pretty cup, and take your time sipping your worries away.

Bath%20Fizzy-resized-6002. Take a relaxing bath – The power of water is incredible, and baths are just one example. Light a couple of candles in a safe place and draw up a hot bath with your favorite natural soap or bath fizzy close at hand. (Pictured left, Heaven & Earth, LLC’s Lemon Rose Blossom Bath Fizzy).

3. Read a good book – A visit to the library or paperbackswap.com might be in order, because reading can be truly therapeutic and virtually cost-free if planned right. Find a quiet place to enjoy some time each day to read, even if it is just fifteen minutes at a time. Escape into Book Land.

4. Make a homemade facial mask – Healthy facial masks are inexpensive and easy to whip up. One of my favorite recipes for dry skin during the cold winter months is ½ an avocado mixed with ¼ cup of local, raw honey. Mash the ingredients together, mixing well, and apply to clean skin for ten-fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly. It is important to try to buy local, raw honey from a sustainable honeybee keeper since it is healthier for us and for our friends the honeybees.

5. Go on an antiquing adventure with a friend or two – Going antiquing or shopping at yard sales, flea markets, and second-hand shops can produce unique and economical décor and items for you and your space; not to mention, you get to meet interesting people who might be able to share a part of history with you. music-resized-600

6. Create the perfect playlist – Make yourself a relaxing, inspirational, and/or fun playlist just for you. Sites like Project Playlist and Spotify are great resources for music and creating customized playlists to enjoy legally and for free.

7. Buy yourself a journal – Find a journal that is a reflection of you. Keep it by your bed and free write happy thoughts, goals, beautiful quotes, and hopes and dreams in the morning when you wake up – and at night before you go to sleep, or whenever you feel motivated to do so.

8. Take pleasure in fruit and chocolate – Buy yourself some organic berries and dark chocolate, prepare them on a fancy plate with a sprig of fresh mint or chocolate drizzle for garnish. Take your time and savor every bite in a comforting space.

9. Sit in silence and just be – Sit or lay down in a comfortable space in silence to just exist, ponder, and focus on breathing and relaxing. Most people do not take time to themselves to try this exercise, but it is well worth it. Some people meditate during quiet moments like this as well.

10. Watch a movie marathon in your pajamas – Whether you rent movies from the library for free or have a Netflix subscription, a movie marathon in your coziest pajamas does not require much money or effort. This is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon or a day off from work.

Mary%20-resized-600Mary Harris is the Co-Owner of Heaven & Earth, LLC, a small company that creates natural homemade soaps and other natural products for mind, body and spirit. Mary is also a college professor at Monmouth University and is currently studying holistic nutrition and wellness. Mary resides in Bayville with her husband and three dogs. For more tips on living simply, sustainably, and healthfully, visit her blog.


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