The Value of Banking in One Place

It’s hard to believe, but many people have not just one or two financial institutions, but as many as three or four. One is used for savings and checking, one for car loans, one for mortgages and one for investments. That’s a lot to keep track of!

bankinginoneplace-resized-600Why not just do it all in one place?

Doing all of your banking in one place not only gets rid of confusion, but also helps you stay organized and manage your money more effectively. Many credit unions, including First Financial, offer rewards programs and benefits for each additional product and service a member utilizes. Many also offer special product packages that come with built-in member benefits and discounts, such as home loan packages, youth packages and student packages.

At First Financial, members can take advantage of the Rewards First program, which is designed to give members rewards that add back to their bottom line. The higher each member’s combined balances or the more he or she uses our products and services, the greater the benefit. The full breakdown and package benefit can be viewed here or through First Financial’s website. Member benefit programs range from Basic, which includes a free financial consultation to President’s Circle, in which most fees and services including ATM fees, checking services and foreign transaction fees are waived or free of charge.

*First Financial is Federally Insured by the NCUA

Learn More About Rewards First

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