Is Your Identity Safe? Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

Identity Theft is very common in this day and age. There are many ways in which it can occur or you could be contacted in a fraudulent manner such as through cell phones, email, text messages, etc. Recently, National Association of Credit Unions (NAFCU) published a blog post on Identity Theft that included tips on ways to prevent it.

Here are NAFCU’s Tips for Preventing Identity Theft:

1. Check your credit card statements regularly.

2. Get used to shredding documents.

3. Protect your computer.

4. Destroy all sensitive data on your hard drive.

5. Create strong passwords.

6. Don’t take the bait. Beware of phishing scams.

7. Regularly monitor your accounts online.

8. Be cautious about opening emails from unknown senders.

9. Always send or receive mail only through secure and locked mail boxes.

10. Always type in and visit the website directly.

11. On all credit cards, in addition to signing your name, write “Please ask for ID!”

12. Never give out your Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number or Date of Birth.

If you believe you have been a victim of Identity Theft, contact the Federal Trade Commission.

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