5 Tips for College Students: How to Save Money on Text Books

A new school year is approaching and books will be needed. This year, utilize our tips for college students to save money on text books and save a few dollars.


1. Make Amazon.com and Half.com Your Friend – College bookstores? Skip them! Check out amazon.com and half.com for books. Unless it’s a book that was written by a professor at your specific college, chances are, these sites will have what you need at a much lower price than your college bookstore.

2. Buy Used – Whenever possible, buy used books over new books. Often, you will notice that used books are much cheaper than new books.

3. Buy e-Books Over Paper Books – Find out which books are available as e-books and compare prices. Sometimes e-books may be cheaper than paper books. If you will need these books in class, find out if the professor will allow you to have a laptop or tablet in class for you to view your book online.

4. Share Books – Friend that guy or gal sitting behind you in class (or someone else who looks friendly.) Are you able to share a book with them? If so, split the price and study together or take turns using the book.

5. Research What You Really Need – All too often it happens — professors will say a book is needed, but it’s really not “needed.” Sometimes they want you to have certain books as recommended reading. If you are trying to cut costs, do your research through other students who may know the professor and have taken the class before to see which books are really needed vs. nice to haves. You could also talk to the professor to see how beneficial the recommended reading book is and if it will really be worth the hefty price tag. You could even email the professor before the class starts or wait until the first day to get the syllabus and see which books are required and which are recommended.

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