10 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

First Financial staff members offer their personal tips for ways to save money on back to school shopping.

1. Take Inventory – Pay attention to what you already have in stock. Perhaps you have some previously used crayons or pencils that are still in good condition. Gather up what you already have and reuse as much as possible to help save money.

2. Buy in Bulk – Buy frequently purchased items in bulk when possible.

3. Be Prepared – Make a list of what you need and be prepared to purchase only what is on your list. Sometimes schools even offer their own lists which may include “necessary” and “recommended” items. Take note of what is necessary and not really needed to avoid extra spending.

b2_school_bag_002-resized-6004. Consider Your Options – Consider buying more inexpensive brands, such as store brands on food or clothes.

5. Carpool – If your child is unable to take a bus, arrange carpools among other children’s trusted parents to save money on gas.

6. Dollar Stores and Thrift Shops – Check out dollar stores for back to school supplies. Check out thrift shops for great deals on clothes.

7. Compare Prices – Look at circulars and compare prices on items you need. Sometimes going to a drug store is cheaper than going to a supermarket.

8. Help Your Child Earn Dollars for A’s – Bring your child’s report card into a First Financial branch so they can earn dollars for the A’s they receive. Check out how your child can earn money with First Financial’s Dollars for A’s program.

9. Start a Savings Account for Your Child – Start a First Financial First Step Kids’ Savings Account to help your child save money all year long so when next year rolls around, your child will have his or her own money saved up.

10. Pay Attention – Don’t lose sight of sales throughout the year. Always take note of discounts so you can be prepared for next year.

If you need extra help paying for back to school supplies, First Financial offers a low interest credit card.

  Apply for a Credit Card Now

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