How Will Your Leverage LinkedIn for Business?

Recently, Social Media Consultant Deborah Smith returned to First Financial with her Linkedin for Business Seminar.

What You May Have Missed:

  • Why use Linkedin
  • Tips to setting up your profile
  • Connection tiers
  • Guidelines for inviting new connections

Why use Linkedin for business? It is a professional business oriented social media site.  It allows you to connect with other professionals, it is a great marketing tool for your business, as well as an excellent site to use when searching for jobs.

Setting up your Linkedin Profile – Your profile is not a resume, keep your profile conversational.  In the summary section you only are allowed 2,000 characters. Make this section easy to read by using little paragraphs. When deciding on a picture for your profile, use a close up head shot where you are looking at the camera.  As you start to add keywords to your profile, use terms that are specific, do not use terms that are too broad.  Make sure you convert your profile to a .pdf format, which helps make your profile more accessible.

Types of connections on Linkedin – There are three tiers of connections you can have on LinkedIn – first, second, and third tier. The first tier is the actual connections you have made on the site.  The second tiers are common connections you have in common with your first tier connections.  The third tiers are people you are not directly connected with, but people who your second tier have a connection with.

Best Invite Practices – Only invite people already on LinkedIn.  When sending an invitation to someone, craft a unique a personal message, reference something specific in their profile.  It is also advised you write your LinkedIn URL on your business cards, to help build your connections.

Click here to learn about Deborah.

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