5 Ways to Save Money on Gas This Summer

Tips from Allen Gottfried, Director of Online Marketing at MB Motorsports


1.   Keep your car properly maintained — (Correct Tire Pressure and a Clean Air Filter are great places to start).

2.   Keep excess weight out of the car. Extra weight such as a full trunk with clothes in it or anything that makes the car heavier will decrease your mileage. (Looks like it’s time to clear out those beach chairs and that gym bag!)

3.  Ease up on the acceleration. Sure you might beat the guy in the other lane off the line but quick acceleration will drastically decrease mileage – the same goes when you are passing someone.

4.  Opening a window vs. putting the air conditioner on will cost you about the same. When you open the windows, the air goes in the car which creates drag which will ultimately reduce mileage. If even a percent difference, the difference in cost between putting the air conditioner on vs. opening a window is really next to nothing. You might as well be comfortable with the air conditioner on!

5.  For pick-up truck drivers: To get better gas mileage, despite what you believe, don’t put the gate down – keep it up. Having the gate up creates better air flow as seen on an episode of Myth Busters.

MB Motorsports, a preferred car dealer of First Financial, offers quality used vehicles and service.  With over combined 75 years in business, their staff knows cars. MB Motorsports is located at 4035 Rt. 33, Tinton Falls NJ. For more information on their services, visit http://www.mbmotorsports.com.

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