Mobile Banking and 11 Ways to Protect Yourself

Mobile Banking and 11 Ways to Protect Yourself 

These days a cell phone is so much more than a cell phone. Our days probably start with a smartphone as an alarm and when you need to know how to get to a venue, you flip to your smartphone’s navigator, and when you want to know where to find the lowest gas prices around, well, there’s an app for that too. Among all of these smart phone luxuries, one of the things that comes especially in handy is Mobile Banking. With that being said, being aware of potential risks associated with Mobile Banking are sure-fire ways to protect yourself and your bank account while still taking advantage of the convenience Mobile Banking offers.

1. Download signed applications only from a trusted source.
2. Android users: Do not enable Android’s “install from unknown sources” features.
3. Password protect your mobile phone!
4. Never store usernames and passwords on your mobile phone.
5. Keep the mobile phone with you or secure the device when not in use.
6. Frequently delete text messages received, especially if they contain confidential information.
7. Notify the credit union or carrier immediately if your mobile phone is lost or stolen so that it can be deactivated (Call First Financial at 732.312.1500 or send a secure message through Online Banking to disable your mobile banking login).
8. Do not modify the mobile phone as it may disable important security features.
9. Install antivirus software.
10. Check account activity frequently and notify the credit union of any unauthorized transactions.
11. Adopt safe practices as you would using your personal computers, which include not opening attachments or clicking on links contained in email received from unfamiliar sources.

Article courtesy of The Credit Union National Association.


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