What is a Credit Union?


Unlike banks which take the money they make and pay out their stockholders, credit unions are not-for-profit and pay out their members in the form of lower rates and personalized services. A credit union member is someone who meets the membership criteria and belongs to the credit union. See if you qualify for a First Financial Membership.

How many people can say that their bank knows them by their name and customizes services just to meet their individual needs? Probably not many.

Allow this comparison chart to help you better understand the bank vs. credit union difference:
Big Banks Credit Unions
Credit Card increases Affordable credit card rates
Credit lines cut or cut-off Loans and lines of credit for what you need, when you need it
Rising fees and rates Minimal fees and low rates
Need help? See Policy B, Section 24, Addendum 76c Need help? Call, click or come by your nearest branch for personalized service

So basically, a credit union is really like a bank, but better!
Learn about special credit union member perks. 

Think back to the first time you heard of a credit union. What was your initial thought on what it was? How has being a credit union member improved the quality of your life? If you are new to credit unions, do low rates and personalized services sound good to you?

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