First Financial SEG Video

We are happy to announce that we have completed our Select Employee Group (SEG) Video with Grey Sky Films (with special cameos from First Financial staff members), and it is now available on our YouTube channel. In this video, you will learn the history of the Credit Union as well as the many features and benefits of becoming a First Financial SEG!

We are excited to share this with you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do…

Why You Should Become a SEG: Features and Benefits

downtobusinessheader-resized-600In 2012, we focused on how to build, plan and market your business. This year, we’re going to change direction a bit and narrow in on employee relations and how that matters to a business. Something you may want to consider is becoming a financial partner, what we call Select Employee Groups (SEGs). A SEG is a group of employees or members of an organization that is based in, or has an office in Monmouth or Ocean County. SEGs offer Credit Union membership as a no-cost benefit to their employees by working together with First Financial to create a cooperative financial services program.

The products and services offered by First Financial to its SEGs when a partnership is formed can add real, direct value to the organization’s benefit package – resulting in a stronger, more robust benefits package and a more effective way to attract and retain the best and brightest individuals.

We provide employees with the education, tools and resources to gain control over their financial lives, and as a result become more productive while at work. Educational blogs are available on diverse topics that benefit our members’ financial well being. The services offered go well beyond traditional banking products to include free financial education seminars, such as budgeting and credit management. Personalized seminars can be offered at convenient times at each business’ location. If you are interested in setting this up for your company, please contact Business Development or call us at 866.750.0100.

Join us next month for these great seminars:

Your employees will also have the opportunity to use these great financial tools available on our website 24/7:

As a SEG, you will also have access to our Ambassador Portal, a free tool available to all Ambassadors/SEGs which offers a desktop presence of the Credit Union that can be used at your place of business in order to keep up to date on:

  • Our current promotions
  • Events and seminars
  • Online account openings
  • Downloadable First Financial brochures
  • And so much more!

By becoming a SEG it will offer your employees financial peace of mind knowing they are getting the best financial service and benefits possible.Take advantage of this great opportunity and become a SEG today!

Select Employee Group Ambassador Spotlight – Birdsall Services Group

Rochelle Trembly - Birdsall

For Rochelle Trembly, Human Resources Coordinator of Birdsall Services Group and First Financial Federal Credit Union Ambassador, credit unions have always been the way to bank. So, naturally, it was a no brainer for her to encourage her employees to choose First Financial and take advantage of its services. She said her employees have responded well to banking with First Financial and are learning a great deal about banking and financial education because of the relationship.

As part of its Select Employee Group relationship, First Financial offers Birdsall both an Ambassador Portal and an Employee Portal as resources for gaining financial education, accessing First Financial and the Online Banking System easily, and much more.

Rochelle explained that she can open the Ambassador and Employee Portals right on her desktop and gain access to brochures, information on current First Financial promotions, links to First Financial’s social media pages and blog, information on financial seminars, and more.

When asked what she enjoys most about the Ambassador Portal, she exclaimed, “Getting rewards for promoting the credit union!”

For more information on First Financial’s Ambassador Portal, visit this blog post.

On the Employee Portal, she said she most enjoys having so many links to First Financial and its promotions right at her fingertips, especially the social media links.

“There are a lot of discounts for credit union members,” she said, as she praised the Invest in America deals in particular. “I promote the portal and credit union at new employee orientation. For $5 in a savings account to join, you can’t go wrong!”*

Additionally, Rochelle was happy to see that her staff is getting financially educated. To assist with this effort, Kathy Zimmer, First Financial’s Business Development Director, and Megan Shull, Business Development Officer, periodically present financial seminars at Birdsall.

“We’ve had a lot of people attend them. There were things that I did not know and I took away a great deal from the last seminar here on [tax deductions, investments, and retirement planning],” she said.

In addition to being excited about First Financial, the passion and dedication Rochelle has toward her job and Birdsall shined all over her face.

“We work hard here, but we have fun. The company does some really great things for us,” she said.

Birdsall has a spot recognition program – where if someone does a great job, they get recognized and receive a $100 gift card. The company also has a wonderful annual holiday party, and this past summer a picnic and outing at Black Bear Lake. Rochelle reminisced on the fun she had jumping in the pool at Black Bear Lake.

“Everyone is a family here. The company has grown so much (it’s been around since 1919), but still feels like a tight knit family,” she said. “We’re here to do our job everyday and we do it with a smile. I try to keep the morale going.”

Rochelle added that Birdsall is diverse and has offices throughout the state that extend to New York. Birdsall has done work for Six Flags Great AdventureRider Universitythe New Jersey Turnpike, and others.

Prior to working in Human Resources at Birdsall nearly 10 years ago, Rochelle worked as a Administrative Assistant at Lucent Technologies, where she worked for six years. When she’s not working, Rochelle enjoys bike riding, gardening, going to the gym — she is a big fan of Zumba! Rochelle holds a 2 year College Diploma in Accounting from Berkeley College.

For more on Birdsall, visit their website.

Select Employee Groups in Monmouth, Ocean Counties Provide First Financial Credit Union Benefits to Their Employees

select%20employee%20group-resized-600First Financial offers financial partnerships, known as Select Employee Groups (SEGs) to businesses based in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey. These partnerships provide value to both employers and employees.

An employee of a Select Employee Group is eligible for all the benefits of First Financial membership, including: credit counseling, discounted rates on lending products, instant access to credit union products and services, on-site financial education seminars, and much more.

The Ambassador Portal is a desktop resource for the Select Employee GroupAmbassador who is the main contact for the credit union at the Select Employee Group (usually someone in the Human Resources or Payroll Departments). It offers a direct link to the credit union for easy access to applications, information, forms, and brochures. Plus, they can communicate with Ambassadors from other Select Employee Groups in a private forum. The Ambassador Portal also offers a rewards and benefits component as a thank you for promoting the credit union and increasing membership throughout their company.

The new Employee Portal System provides not just the Ambassador with direct access, but also each of the employees to the products and services offered by the credit union. Employees have the ability to utilize online banking services, open accounts, apply for loans, and do all of their banking through the portal. The Employee Portal System also includes a video and presentation component so that employees can virtually attend all of First Financial’s educational seminars and gain valuable financial tips right from their desktops!

First Financial is currently accepting new Select Employee Groups and wants to meet you and your co-workers.

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