Learn How to Combat Fatigue & Financial Fatigue at this FREE Seminar in October 2013

Young woman is frustrated going through correspondence.Fatigue affects one’s total well-being.  It is the most common complaint presented to primary healthcare providers. Not only does fatigue affect your physical state of being, but it also negatively impacts your general attitude and effectiveness in life. In addition, there’s also the “financial fatigue” trap we can sometimes fall privy to.  Lack of planning, budgeting, and acquiring debt can contribute to one’s financial well-being and also significantly impact one’s lifestyle.

Be sure to attend our Combatting Fatigue seminar, where Dr. James Proodian of Natural Healthcare Center in Long Branch, NJ, will identify less understood – yet common causes of fatigue. You’ll learn what steps you can take to improve your energy and vitality.

The main portion of the seminar with Dr. Proodian will cover:

  • Disease and fatigue
  • Stress and fatigue — lifestyle changes to revitalize us
  • Sleep conditions — what to look for and how to improve sleep quality
  • Nutrition to improve energy
  • Reconditioning the body and mind for increased energy

The end of the seminar will cover a brief segment on Combatting Financial Fatigue, presented by First Financial – where attendees will learn:

  • 3 easy steps to creating a budget
  • Ways to reduce your debt & manage your credit

This seminar will begin at 6:30pm on Thursday, October 10th. The seminar will be held at our Wall Office located at 1800 Route 34 North, Building 3, Suite 302. We invite you to bring a guest but space is limited, so make sure you sign up today!

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Dr. Proodian is the Founder and President of the Wellness at Work employee health education program and the Natural Healthcare Center, a state-of-the-art health and wellness facility located in Long Branch, NJ. Dr. Proodian holds undergraduate degrees in Public Health and Nutrition and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He has also earned postgraduate certifications in Sports Medicine (CCSP) and Strength and Conditioning (CSCS). To book an appointment with Dr. Proodian call 732-222-2219 or e-mail info@naturalhc.com.