Holiday Shopping Budgeting Tips

holiday_budget_630x420We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our Holiday Facebook Contest and shared your unique ways on how you budget yourself for holiday shopping. Congratulations to our Facebook Contest winner, Phyllis Ann Taylor, who earned a $75 VISA Gift Card for the holiday season. Here is what she shared:

“Set a firm budget that you can afford. Then list the gifts you need to purchase, remember to calculate wrapping, travel, luncheons, office grab bags, etc. If you start early and take advantage of coupons, etc. you will probably surprise yourself. Stop spending when you reach your limit and get creative! Give of yourself instead of gifting purchased items if necessary. Merry Christmas!”

We received so many great holiday budgeting tips so we thought we’d share them with everyone!

  • Barbara L.: I use the same list each year, adding or deleting as needed. I shop all year at sales for those items I know will be appreciated by the person who receives it. I don’t like to buy gifts just for the sake of giving a gift. I seek things special to their interests. I don’t buy for the youngsters until a few months before Christmas so I can decide upon that year’s “must have” for the children. Money is put in cards for the older children during the year so I don’t get a big hit in December.
  • Lisa B.: We make our list of those we buy gifts for and budget cash spending only, no credit cards, and no more than half of one month’s income.
  • Jennifer M.: I make my list early in the year. Starting in June I buy one gift per pay period. This allows me to stay debt free and not feel the pressure of it all coming out at once. Happy Holidays!
  • Susan R.: Our family makes a list of the most wanted items we would like for the holidays then use our holiday account that we’ve set aside and have continually paid into. We also shop around for sales and those pre-holiday deals like Black Friday or Cyber Monday to further help us save.
  • Francine O.: I shop for sales, use coupons, and to look for the best deals to save me money — that is how I budget myself for holiday shopping.
  • Teri S.: I’m fortunate in that I get “longevity pay” from work and that is my Christmas money!
  • Jamie D.: First Financial has become my newest bank with savings and checking accounts and I can’t wait to apply for the Visa credit card because it has great rates!!!
  • Alice W.: I use my First Financial Christmas Club. If I need any additional money, I use part of my income tax return. If I use my credit card I pay the Christmas expenses in full when the bill comes.
  • Melissa S.: I normally keep a list, and put a little bit away each pay check (pay cash for everything)! We also set limits with each other, so I can be budget conscious with everyone. I think next year I’ll open an FFFCU Christmas Club to help me budget even better!
  • Zanada J.: I give friends and family gift cards to stores that I know they enjoy shopping at AND coupons for that store. The best deals are ALWAYS after Christmas. Happy Holidays!
  • Tom S.: We utilize a Christmas Club account every year. The Christmas Club is our budget and it makes shopping a breeze.
  • Kelly Ann: I start writing my list in September and every pay period I spend a set amount of money on Christmas gifts. I do it little by little, so that I’m not relying on credit cards or putting myself in a bad financial situation, and I stick to the weekly budget that I set so that I don’t go overboard.
  • Susan C.: I use my First Financial Credit Union Christmas Club!
  • Terry D.: Budgeting is easy….you figure out how much money you have left after the bills are paid. Since we are on a “budget” for everything, birthday gifts and Christmas gifts all get factored in with the rest of the household expenses. One way or the other, everyone wins! Happy Holidays to everyone and especially my FFFCU family – my son has been blessed to have become a member through his auto loan, savings account and his Rutgers student loans as well. We will always remain a part of the best Credit Union there is!
  • Erin W.: I always open up a holiday club account in October every year with a certain amount and I only spend that amount. When I get the check in October I start then and just use that money and ONLY that money.
  • Patty B.: I set a certain dollar limit for each person’s gift and stick to it.
  • Margaret P.: I try to buy gifts that are practical and within budget. I allot an amount to spend on each recipient and stick to it because I don’t want to pay for Christmas long after the decorations are down.
  • Aggie R.: I set a reasonable dollar amount per child, all equal. Then I purchase one main item with that. No small cutesy, seasonal items I used to feel pressured to buy — it is all about the reason for the season! Last year I made homemade bath scrubs and that went over well with my daughters! I appreciate home made gifts and the effort it takes to make them.
  • Lynette B.: I never buy anything that is full price. I cut coupons, look for early bird specials, and I DO go shopping on Black Friday. I’m usually home by 8:00am with lots of bargains. My children are older so we really don’t go crazy at Christmas – they get everything they need during the year. I usually buy one large gift for each of my children and then a few little things. My husband and I don’t exchange, we save our money for a trip in the springtime to go visit both of our elderly parents who both live in Florida right around the corner from each other. For friends and other family members…I love to bake!!!
  • Joshua E.: I make sure I plan well ahead for all the shopping that I will do by setting a budget for all gifts, then searching for the best deals!
  • Stacy M.: I have a holiday club through First Financial that I set up years ago. It makes saving so much easier for the holidays!
  • Maria S.: It’s really hard to budget myself on shopping for my son so I don’t let myself go to the toy department in any store so I’m not tempted! The temptation is tough to fight!!!!
  • KellieRose W.: I don’t buy anything that is full price and I save gift cards all year to use for holiday shopping!
  • Susan P.: I save a certain amount every month so when December comes, I have what I need to buy the gifts I need.
  • Jennifer M.: Shop gradually don’t save it for last minute!
  • Paula P.: I start buying gifts early.
  • Joanne P.: I love the Direct Deposit to the Holiday Club and I love getting the money deposited right into my checking account in October! Makes shopping a lot easier!
  • Cindy W.: I save by not eating out as much!
  • Ann S.: I always budget myself very well and I never fall short of money because I have First Financial to fall back on. Happy Holidays to all of you.
  • Lois T.: I don’t buy more than I can pay off! First Financial’s easy to navigate web page makes it easy to keep track.
  • Ajane D.: I make sure I purchase all the necessities first and if I have extra money then I buy some new clothes or cosmetics. Last holiday I got an extra cash bonus from work and I gave some money to my mom. I always share because it makes me happy!
  • Laurie D.: My husband and I have 3 children and 1 granddaughter. In order for us to have enough money to purchase holiday gifts we start a savings club at the beginning of each year. Then we take what was saved and divide it amongst them. We try and purchase the things they need most. Although it’s a hard time of the year, we love Christmas and make the best of it.
  • Marcy V.: New this year, I put all my silver change into a big jar all year long. In November I turned it into cash at a machine. This year I netted $316.42. This will allow me to get at least seven or eight decent gifts (on sale of course)!
  • Michelle J.: List, limit, leave! Make a list for who you need to shop for, decide a dollar limit, leave the store once you get what is on your list so you are not tempted to impulse buy!
  • Jess E.: I budget myself by starting to shop before the holiday season so my wallet isn’t hit all at once!
  • Joe V.: I budget myself for holiday shopping by starting to buy some gifts as early as October through November. Then by December I have half of my shopping done, and know how much I’ll have in my budget for the up to the last minute shopping!
  • Joanne O.: I budget my holiday spending by always having a Holiday Club. I save $50-$100 per week and usually have enough left over to treat my husband and I to a little vacation also!
  • Pamela G.: Have been a credit union member since I began my career as an educator with the Toms River schools — loyalty with this credit union has its rewards. I do my Christmas shopping early and pace myself so that I don’t incur a huge debt. I always look for gifts for family and friends and buy when I see what is suitable for each person. This way I don’t feel a financial crunch all at once and it works for me.
  • Karen L.: I put $100 a month in my holiday savings so by October 1st I have $1200! I also buy gifts as I see them through the year – though I tend to spend more that way!
  • Debbie T.: I always have a First Financial Holiday Club and always stay within that budget, deciding ahead of time how much will be spent on each person.
  • Brownie’s Woodcrafts: My best plan involves participating in local craft shows to help shoppers buy great products made in the USA.
  • Saul H.: I budget for holiday shopping with sales, coupons, comparison shopping, rewards points, bargain hunting as a sport and saving on a regular basis to fund what I want to purchase.
  • Judy B.: I shop all year long and try to find the perfect gift for everyone. I splurge as long as I know it will make the recipient happy. Spreading the generosity throughout the year is a lot easier on my budget.

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