Learn How to Use Twitter for Business at this Seminar in July 2013

twitter-for-businessFrom the galaxy of Twitter comes a business seminar with Social Media Consultant Deborah Smith – learning the basics of Twitter. Twitter generates over 65 million Tweets each day, some of which could be discussing your business, in a good or bad way! People are out there talking. Could you afford not to properly address any possible issues beginning discussed about your business?

With almost 10,000 Twitter followers, Deborah Smith has been using Twitter to build and monitor her business brand and attract and engage with clients since 2008.

Come learn from Deborah how to: 

  • Navigate Twitter and make a first impression
  • Monitor your brand and your competition
  • Turn fans into followers
  • Plus more!

Join us on Tuesday, July 30th for networking at 8:30am and promptly at 9:00am our business seminar titled, Twitter Basics for Business, presented by Deborah Smith will begin. The seminar will be held at First Financial’s Corporate Office located at 1800, Rt. 34 North, Building 3, Suite 302, Wall NJ. Space is limited – Register today!

Deborah Smith is the owner of Foxtrot Media, LLC a Social Media Consulting and Management company. Deborah got her start in social media over 12 years ago when she launched an E-Commerce business which operated a network of websites serving the Nanny Industry. She began employing email groups, chat rooms and online message boards as marketing and networking tools well before the term “Social Media” was ever conceived. When the new tools like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn emerged, Deborah was an early adopter and soon mastered these tools for her own business. In 2007, she launched her first blog, JerseyBites.com, a collaborative food blog with over 35 contributors throughout the state. JerseyBites now welcomes over 25,000 visitors per month and was recently named content partner to NJ.com for food news in New Jersey. Deborah was also recently named one of 100 Constant Contact local experts in the country. She is an experienced corporate trainer and social media consultant for businesses throughout the tri-state area.

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