Firefox 22 Upcoming Changes for Online Banking Users

alert-resized-600Mozilla announced recently that upcoming versions of their Firefox web browser will be changed to block third party cookies.  This will be the default action when you upgrade to the latest versions. This move is similar to the default action of the Safari browser to also block third party cookies. While Firefox has always had the ability to block third party cookies, this change will become a default setting in Firefox 22.

Many electronic financial services sites like First Financial’s online bill pay, require the use of third party cookies to function properly. Please be aware that this change by Mozilla may impact your online banking and bill pay abilities to enroll in or to access First Financial’s sites if/when you upgrade your browser to Firefox 22. The new feature should not immediately interfere with your existing browsing, as you will need to clear your browser’s cookies first for it to take effect.

If access issues arise, you should first manually change your browser privacy settings to allow third party cookies or call us at 866-750-0100 if the problem persists.

One thought on “Firefox 22 Upcoming Changes for Online Banking Users

  1. Please be advised that the previously communicated changes to Firefox, regarding 3rd Party Cookies, will no longer take effect in the Firefox 22 release. Mozilla has announced that these changes will not be implemented as planned. At this time it is unknown whether Mozilla will deploy these settings in a later release. PSCU will continue to monitor future Firefox releases and communicate applicable updates.

    If you have any questions, please contact or call 888-918-7329.

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