Select Employee Groups in Monmouth, Ocean Counties Provide First Financial Credit Union Benefits to Their Employees

select%20employee%20group-resized-600First Financial offers financial partnerships, known as Select Employee Groups (SEGs) to businesses based in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey. These partnerships provide value to both employers and employees.

An employee of a Select Employee Group is eligible for all the benefits of First Financial membership, including: credit counseling, discounted rates on lending products, instant access to credit union products and services, on-site financial education seminars, and much more.

The Ambassador Portal is a desktop resource for the Select Employee Group Ambassador who is the main contact for the credit union at the Select Employee Group (usually someone in the Human Resources or Payroll Departments). It offers a direct link to the credit union for easy access to applications, information, forms, and brochures. Plus, they can communicate with Ambassadors from other Select Employee Groups in a private forum. The Ambassador Portal also offers a rewards and benefits component as a thank you for promoting the credit union and increasing membership throughout their company.

The new Employee Portal System provides not just the Ambassador with direct access, but also each of the employees to the products and services offered by the credit union. Employees have the ability to utilize online banking services, open accounts, apply for loans, and do all of their banking through the portal. The Employee Portal System also includes a video and presentation component so that employees can virtually attend all of First Financial’s educational seminars and gain valuable financial tips right from their desktops!

First Financial is currently accepting new Select Employee Groups and wants to meet you and your co-workers.

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